Apr 24, 2008

Recycle your old cassette

Cassette holder made by Wendy Russell.

Creative idea by Chezlin using a cassette tape to make a wallet for the sister's birthday. With some design on the cover + zipper + and so cloth. There you have the nice and one of the kind wallet.

Even the tape can also can be crochetted into bags!!!

Apr 18, 2008

Interesting Card Holders

Made from cork material

Wow, cassette casing as a display/holder. A smart innovative idea.

More Unique Card Holders

New Felt FOod menu

Some food made from felt that I found on the internet. So here comes the Menu:

Dim Sum

Steamed Pau with cut vegetables

Freshly steamed Gyoza for you

Soba or Noodle

Yummy soba with mushroom, carrot, egg with squid rings n vegetables

Yummy Fresh Prawn from the sea


Yummy Desert for the sweet tooth

Apr 10, 2008

Amazing Japanese

Do you spot anything special in this pic?

Look closely, and you will see something weird n very outstanding.

Must really salute the Japanese, thinking of a good idea escaping stalker or whoever....A Coke Vending Machine camouflage

See how it works

For more reading, go to

Apr 6, 2008

Diary of Mr Octopusz

Mr Octopusz was born on the 1st of April 2008, April Fool's day. He is a lonely octopus waiting for his bride.

Lonely as he is, he went on the a hot air balloon ride.

Took pictures with Mr Rabbit, Baby and almost eat up Blue Duckie

Special made Hot Air Balloon that bring Mr O. around town !!!

Say "Octopus" and smile

Mr O. : Hi Baby, how are you doing today?
Baby : Hi Mr O., I am fine.

Oh no, please help superman help. Blue Duckie is stuck with Mr Octopusz

娃娃 & 食玩 aka doll & food play

给男朋友作了个 长江7号 的 7仔

another doll requested: moyashimon's bacteria named : Aspergillus oryzae 黄麹菌


Japanese rice cracker

Japenese Mochi wrap with leaf

Apr 3, 2008

my lolipop

My first FEW felt lolipops inspired by crafters out there. Thank you for your tutorials and inspiration. Hope it's yummy and sweet (^.^)

Melaka Trip Part 2

Can you imagine this picture is taken in Malacca at Stadhuys Building. 记得夏日莫莫茶吗,这部戏就在这取景。

Orang asli style of xylophone, i think is made of bamboo...Cool stuff.
Views at Stadhuys Building (1)

Views at Stadhuys Building (2)

The trishaw uncle left his shoes unguarded and he is nowhere to be seen. Hehehe......