Jun 25, 2008

Sakura or not ?

I have not seen a real Sakura tree before, but last week there is a lot of trees near my workplace have blooming white, pinkish and purplish flowers. The flowers remind me of the sakura flowers from afar and it is a wonderful sighting.

Jun 23, 2008

More of Amigurumi

More of my Amigurumi crocheting spree:

1) Brown bear with a hat. It is Cambodia now accompanying the childrens of my friend, Phua.

2) Lil cupcake that I tried out. I got a thingy for cupcakes.

3) Mr Lion that I've made earlier of the month, would love to get him a Mrs Lion. Any candidate around?

4) Ms Russian doll with a heart for greening the earth. Now she is living with my "Nanny" back in Penang with lots and lots of friends.

4) One of my odd and scarry doll. It is a huge bear head with lovey eyes.

5) And lastly, Whitey as the finale for my current spree.

Do look forward to more Amigurumi works soon. If you interested in my work, please leave me a message. Thanks !!!

Jun 16, 2008

Preview of Amigurumi

最近爱上了あみぐるみ @ 钩物玩偶。
不多说啦,来,先让大家看一看我的 あみぐるみ。

Jun 7, 2008



Jun 4, 2008

Some of my Handmade Soggie Doll

Just came across some of my archive pictures and found my Soggie Dolls. They are made with new socks, stuffed with polyester fiber and decorated with beads and buttons. Hope you like them.

The Happy 3 Soggies

1st Soggie: Mr Snowman with pointed nose. He is kept warmth with my handmade scarf.

2nd Soggie: Mr Dog with a yummy cake with lots of fruits.

3rd Soggie: Ms Pretty Rabbit hanging out with Mr Dog