Jan 20, 2009

Mr & Mrs Hippo

My first hippopotamus plushies!!!

Introducing Mr & Mrs Hippo, a pair of newly wed hippos for my friend's wedding gift to her newly wed friends. The bride loves hippo and purple, initially I want to make a Moomin plushie for her but the time is too short for me to figure out a pattern for it. Instead, I have referred to Tamiesnow's cute hippo for inspiration and guidance.

It was kinda difficult to write a pattern then trying out, as I couldn't achieve the effect i want with my pattern. So I decided to crochet and write the pattern along the way. It's a fun and exciting journey in making this pair of wedding dolls.

The dolls are made with acrylic yarn with some beads for the eyes and button for the nostrils. I added felt bow and top hat for the groom. As for the lovely bride, I made a pearly necklace and a simple veil with white flowers and a small rose corsage that made from an adjustable ring.

My favourite would be the top hat, as I always love to make top hat. Even for my snowman, I always put a top hat to keep them warm and looking sharp!!!

This is my first order for wedding dolls, hopefully more orders will come in. If you are interested, do drop me an email at yi3hui@gmail.com

Jan 10, 2009


用了 3天 把“ 佐賀的超級阿嬤” 这本 很棒 的 书 给看完了 。

第一次 在 星洲日报 看 到 “佐賀的超級阿嬤 ” 里 的 文章 ,觉得很有意思 ,常常得空看报纸就翻看副刊 。可是近这几个月,家里的阿嬤视力不好,家里也就没买报纸了,就此把“佐賀的超級阿嬤 ”给忘了。

前几天 ,无聊中看到了 “ 佐賀的超級阿嬤”这本书,打算拿来打发时间,可是就从此迷上了这本书。 这本感人又有启发性的书是由岛田洋七著作,讲述他跟外婆 相依为命的佐賀童年。在城市长大的我,慢羡慕昭廣的童年,以大自然为乐园,每天都会有不一样的惊喜和玩意。爬树这门危险玩意是 on my mom's banned list,所以好羡慕乡下小孩的童年。

看了“ 佐賀的超級阿嬤” ,让我觉得生活再艰难,只要懂得动一动脑筋,思想开放一点 and just learn to appreciate what you have now and life isn't so bad after all !!

Lastly, 在这本书里头最欣赏的一句话 : “窮有兩種,窮得消沉和窮得開朗” 。

Jan 6, 2009

Welcome Year 2009!!!

Have not been updating my blog, as too much holidays in December, and I went on holiday in Singapore. I did some handmade for christmas, will be posting the pictures soon, as they sitting in the camera, waiting to come out!!

I have many plans for year 2009: more swapping action in swap-bot, (i've completed 7 swaps, one more coming); taking diving lessons; start selling handmade online and many many more.

Here's 2 swaps I've just sent out to my partners both in the US.

My first dotee doll, it a heart theme dotee, which means i need to include heart somewhere on the doll.

I hope Sara loves my kinda weird heart dotee doll, as it didn't really turn out the way i wanted but it's adorable. My very first dotee, hope to make more of it, as it is simple and easy to make and the best is you get to be creative with it.

And this my "Absolutly Cool Handmade Magnet" swap for Milly. Milly is a cat lover, so I've made a kitty magnet for her from felt. I have also made marble magnet , with a mushroom face and a "Hi" stained glass effect marble magnet. The last magnet is a magazine cut out magnet glued onto a piece of wood that I bought in Multifilia and gloss it with Modge Podge (from Art Friends).