Sep 19, 2008

More of my handmade dolls : E.V.E

I constantly looking out for DIY crafts to play with and one day I was directed to It is a great website where parents especially "Dad" can spend time with their children on craft projects, from making dolls to recycling. On this website I found the E.V.E. doll project.

I was tempted to make the doll as I love the Wall E movie (Actually i love Wall E character more than E.V.E., but it is much more harder to make). Anyways, instead of making a big E.V.E. , I made a small E.V.E. key chain (about 10cm tall) and modified the plant detector to a LOVE detector. By the way, it is made by felt and hand sewn.

Hope the E.V.E. lovers out there enjoy my piece of art. *.*

Sep 12, 2008

Wedding Bells Yet Again

Wedding Bells Yet Again

My dearest friend BeeYun aka Girl is getting married on Sunday 14th September 2008; an auspicious day of the chinese lunar calendar: Mid Autumn Festival.

I would want to wish Girl and her husband a wonderful and blissful marriage and Congratulation my dearest friend and sister.

Here I give you my best wishes with this pair of manatees for your wedding present.
Hope you love it.

The story behind this cute and lovely manatee couple starts from the pattern that I found in Craftster by T4124. I was dying to try out the pattern but never had a chance. Since I always give away a handmade present for my married friends, so i thought i would try out the manatee pattern. And I really love the pattern, it is very easy to make.

The manatee bride is totally adorable with pearly tiara veil and rose corsage.

The corsage idea came to me when I don't want to dress up the manatee bride and think it would be fun to dress up the flipper instead of the body. The corsage is made up of rose felt and some lace.

As for the tiara veil: it is made from wire, plastic pearl and ribbons. This is my first veil, I wish I can add more volume and frill to it, but for now a simple veil would suit my bride well.

And lastly, my handsome manatee groom. Hehe the flippers is not at the same position but it looks like a swimming manatee on my cutting board.

For the gentleman's hat, it is made from felt and i embroidered it a bit to look retro and added a ribbon corsage instead of a tuxedo for the groom.

Sep 8, 2008

Convo August 2008

Here are some of my convocation photos from August 2008.
This is my 2nd Convocation in the 21st Century for my Master's graduation.

This is me in the crowd with my scroll.

Me with my proud parents in front on the great hall of UM.

Me n my fren : Ken.

and lastly,

Happy family with my professor: Prof. Dr. Rofina Yasmin