Jun 21, 2009

Gaspard et Lisa

My latest addition to my amigurumi diary: Gaspard and Lisa. A lovely couple (not sure it's dog or rabbit) and friends that love to travel. The pattern was originally found in a lovely japanese blogger who share the pattern.

I used felt to replace crochet nose and the long scarf. Hope the scarf could keep them warm and comfy.

May 27, 2009


Crochet + Robot = Crobots

I am so excited and I want to share this wonderful book for those who are little bit geeky or just love adorable robots!!!

This book has 20 crobots for you to make and play with. The pattern is easy to make and they are all too adorable. All the crobots pattern contains difficulty level and also abbreviation used in the pattern.

Here's my first crobots, Ms. Mechanobot. Lady version of Mechanobot from the book.

May 24, 2009

Private swap - Baker dotee

Recently I did a private swap with Debra from USA, I am sending her dotee doll and she will be sending me some scrapbook supplies. As Debra love dotee doll and baking, I make her a baker theme doll.

This lady doll is a blondie with checker's apron and a wooden spatula (made from felt). I have fun making dotee doll for Debra and hope she will enjoy & love the baker dotee doll.

May 12, 2009

Earth Day at Ikano

I happened to drop by at Ikano Power Centre during the Earth Day celebration. While hunting for the organic cotton supplier for my aunt, I was amazed with the creation with all the household trash that is polluting our mother earth.

I guess that reuse and upcycling is the way to go. I am trying to cut down on buying fabrics and use up the old t's lying around and the scrap fabric i got from the streamstress. Though it's a big challenge as the fabrics are not so ideal for my work, I hope to resolve this problem by crafting based on the material and the fabric print.

Let's have a look at the exhibition in Ikano.................

I just love this bag, I guess the message the designer try to convey is to "Think before you throw away things" . If you don't like upcycling, then just recycle.

There's actually 3 upcycle items in this photo. From left: A chair made from wood pellet; a round table with Singer sewing maching pedler; and the last one I can't recall but i guess it's a resting station

Plastic Bag made from plastic bags!!! And a holder made from Milo foil.

And lastly an interesting tent by indie artist.

Apr 15, 2009


My boyfriend always has a thing for rabbits and has been requesting bunny handmade from me. Hehe, finally I am ready to make some bunnies.

This is blu bunny derived from modified cup pattern of Ana Paula's (Refer to my Inchworm post). It's a cafe latte with a little red heart embellished on the drink.

(Ana Paula's Cafe by me)

Now the little blu bunny cuppa is placed in the car, accompany my bf to work.

There's actually another bunny, a non-crocheted work and handsewn BitBit was born on my crafting table.

BitBit with almond kiss

BitBit being stalked by unfinished sackboy (modified pattern of Moon's Creation)

Unfinished sackboy lurking in my room. Beware little bunnies!

Apr 1, 2009

Inchworm aka Caterpillar

What is an inchworm?

According to FreeDictionary.com definition:

"small hairless caterpillar having legs on only its front and rear segments; mostly larvae of moths of the family Geometridae"

Here in my little toy haven, I present you with my first inchworm amigurumi! Custom made for Eliza's little nephew.


Please forgive me of my messy table, i hardly can keep it tidy.

Little pointy tail of inchworm

If anyone of you interested in Caterpillar art for kids, check out Danielle's Place.


Here's a preview of my lil cup made with Ana Paula's Little Cafe con leche cup pattern.

Mar 20, 2009

Hegdehog fun!!!

After my fun with owlies, hedgehog fever is on!!!
Seeing LollyChop create a pretty hedgehog name Hammie makes me itch to make one too! But to avoid the choosing n cutting of fabric and the whole sewing process, I try out a crochet pattern found online. Not too worry, I will try out Hammie too! (It's so irresistable, as I just love LollyChop's hegdehog)

The pattern I referred to was Sammy the Hegdehog by Shirley Chen which actually comes in a shroom. For the fuzzy hair/spikes, I use Nicole's Feisty Fiber (Lot 2336348) and change to acrylic yarn of light brown color for the face.

But due to the gauge of the two yarns, I end up modifying the face instructions to suit the feisty yarn!

Well, here comes my little hedgie or "Edgie".

Not forgetting this blue crochet hook given by my swap partner from Swap-bot, Sonia (Habubabu). Thanks a lot for the hooks.

Mar 17, 2009

Swapping goodies - Received

Just want to post some of the goodies I received from my swapping partner from Swap-bot. I love swapping!!!

"D" dotee Swap

Extra buttons

Ogling Owlie II swap

Pictures by Olympus

Just got my first camera, is a Olympus m795. It may not be the best and user friendly camera but the supermacro mode are equipped with light to take a better picture. The water resistant up to 10meter and very durable would be a best suit for me as I am very clumsy and careless person.

Here are some pictures taken with the camera:


Spider Lily


Mar 3, 2009

Spotted : Fabric stash giveaway

I've just spotted a fabric stash giveaway at The Benner Daily run by Shealynn.

Those wonderful fabric would be great any crafty project. The fabric is also available at Lanie Jane's Esty shop. She has great collection of fabrics, I do love the Paula Prass, Flights of Fancy Eiffel Tower design.

So headover to Shealynn's blog to enter, the giveaway ends this Saturday 7th March.

Mar 2, 2009

Some new found fun !

I gotta say my love is still with felt. It is actually very easy to manipulate but it does have it's down side. But, I guess no harm in trying new things and materials.

New found love : Perler Beads

Bought these babies in Ikea kids section. All you need is the drawing, an iron, wax paper, beads and the board, you got yourself a lots of fun! I've made a Union Jack flag for my swap partner and a felt skull for her daughther in "We Luv Surprise" swap in Swap-bot. And some others like one-up mushroom, love shapies and etc.

Union Jack for Diana

Before ironing:

After ironing:

1-up Mushroom


Love shapies

This is my first one, and the heat was too much and uneven, i melted most part of the heart.

Perler beads are somewhat versatile, you can make them into coaster, frigde magnet, pendant or even earrings. Some even make into a card holder, spotted at Geek Crafts.

Feb 23, 2009

Random photos

Here are some random photos taken with my camera phone/phone with camera.

Spotted a poor Garfield hanged on a big truck looking so bashed up. Can someone please report it to the SPCA, the cat was last seen on Glenmarie, Shah Alam.

Well, to think that our life is so messed up and then looking at this cat, i think we should be thankful we are not him/her.

Spotted outside of SS15, MacDonald: A rabbit grazing on the small patches of grass. Is this cute rabbit a runaway or he lives in the neighbourhood. Let's hope it didn't turn up on someone's dinner plate.