Apr 15, 2009


My boyfriend always has a thing for rabbits and has been requesting bunny handmade from me. Hehe, finally I am ready to make some bunnies.

This is blu bunny derived from modified cup pattern of Ana Paula's (Refer to my Inchworm post). It's a cafe latte with a little red heart embellished on the drink.

(Ana Paula's Cafe by me)

Now the little blu bunny cuppa is placed in the car, accompany my bf to work.

There's actually another bunny, a non-crocheted work and handsewn BitBit was born on my crafting table.

BitBit with almond kiss

BitBit being stalked by unfinished sackboy (modified pattern of Moon's Creation)

Unfinished sackboy lurking in my room. Beware little bunnies!

Apr 1, 2009

Inchworm aka Caterpillar

What is an inchworm?

According to FreeDictionary.com definition:

"small hairless caterpillar having legs on only its front and rear segments; mostly larvae of moths of the family Geometridae"

Here in my little toy haven, I present you with my first inchworm amigurumi! Custom made for Eliza's little nephew.


Please forgive me of my messy table, i hardly can keep it tidy.

Little pointy tail of inchworm

If anyone of you interested in Caterpillar art for kids, check out Danielle's Place.


Here's a preview of my lil cup made with Ana Paula's Little Cafe con leche cup pattern.