May 22, 2008

Kawaii USB gadget

There is so much cool, cute and innovative idea on USB related products. Here is some of them who catches my attention while I was searching for something else :P.

A mini USB operated fridge to cool your soda.

A USB exercise mouse measuring your speed while you type.

Test your pregnacy with a Digital USB Gadget. Here

USB operated vacuum cleaner

A yummy looking USB Christmas Cake drive. Here

A USB mirrored compact card reader for HER. Here

This is a cute mushroom USB Micro Reader. Here

Wedding Gift

This is my best friend's wedding gift that is made by yours truly, me. It is a jewelry box with roses and love in it.

There is really love in it, a red crochet love for the beloved couple.

Congratulation to Chen, my dearest friend on your wedding. And I hope you love the gift i made specially for you.

May 14, 2008


There is a sudden craze for donuts in the Klang Valley for the past few months. So I have decided to post some yummy pictures of donuts and it's side products. But the best donut I ever tasted was Mister Donut in Taiwan, where u can actually choose the donuts according to the sweetness you prefer.

Visit Instructables for the tutorial how to make this wonderful donut trophy. Here you go

Some crafty impression on the donuts with crochet,knitting, etc.

Donut Pendant
Donut earrings


Even a USB memory stick

Donut OUtdoor Bean Bag