Aug 25, 2008

NPL Ep 3

Let's continue with more action from the NPL, Malacca.

Just for reminder and information, we are sitting right next to the event organizers and other seller from MMU. Let's check out what the organizer have in their tent:

one mini bunker

few gals helping out with registration, pellets and players

this is the tag producing machine, which allows easy access to the player tent, battlefield and other yummy privilege.

and last but not least amos .....


Let see some paintball actions:

Full suit and with their own e-marker, dun play play

Paint check by marcshall

Newbies at play

Aug 19, 2008

NPL Malacca Ep 2

NPL Malacca Ep 2 begins :

Let's skip the boring traveling part and straight to the battle field at Dataran Pahlawan. Just to let you guys know that we are representing Werdna Hol Sportz all the way from Subang Square to Malacca city centre selling paintball merchandise.

Galz and Boyz, let's get to work........

Hey wait a minute, where is Karu??? All of us is working so hard and where is he??? (actually he is the cameraman, so please forgive him not joining us in action)

Ian: Yo Yo .. Yo Yo Yo....I am the scary ghost. Let's jam this party.

Nesa: Stop pretending to the scary ghost!!! Get back to work.

Some of the display merchandise from Werdna Hol Sportz. Shirts, Mask, Tank cover, Harness, Pods and many more....................

And lastly, this is our magnificent Karu taking care of the stall. We are actually sitting next to the organizers. And a lot of pellets action in here.

To be continued..................

Aug 17, 2008

NPL Malacca Ep 1

Title: NPL Malacca
Script writer & Director : Karu Khoo
Actor/Actress (by alphabetical order) :
1) Carrie as Carrie
2) Ian as Ian & Nai
3) Karu as Karu & Designated driver
4) Nesa as Nesa

The story starts on 2nd Aug early morning, Ian walking towards the pickup wearing his red shirt and shorts to match his red car. (I am not sure is he a big fan of Redz???)

As everyone is ready, we went for yummy mamak style breakfast

This is roti telur with dhal and curry and tosai as shown as below.

After the breakfast, we start our journey from Subang Jaya to the NPL in Dataran Pahlawan, Malacca. Malacca here we come..................................

A little preview of next episode:

To be continued..................

So, please stay tune to more actions from NPL Malacca.

Aug 14, 2008

You and Me

A very touching opening song for the Beijing Olympic 2008.





演唱者:刘欢,莎拉布莱曼 (Sarah Brightman)





  You and Me

  You and me

  From one world

  We are family

  Travel dream

  A thousand milesMeeting in Beijing

  Come together

  Share the joy of life

  Come on, friend

  Together hand in hand

  Come on, love

  Together hand in hand

  You and me

  From one world

  Forever we are one family

Aug 11, 2008

fresh start

I have not been blogging for the past month. Being busy with some extra curricular activities such as paintball events, attending my own convocation and some small craft projects here and there.

Some pictures of the paintball action on 10th August organized by Paintball 101 at TT Sports.

Let's get it done, I want to pick my brave warriors

This is how you should hold your marker. Target ur enemy not your own teammates.

Me walking out of the field.

Watch out for the guy at ur 12 o'clock!!!

What are you looking at? I am trying to concentrate here.

Taking time out to scout around the field, and I am not sure what am I pointing at.

Will try to post my convocation pictures sometime this week. Stay stune............