Mar 30, 2008

Melaka @ Malacca @ 马六甲之旅 (P。1)

Ruins of the era of golden hub of Malaya and the most visited n historical place in Malacca.

Fort A-Famosa
After the Portuguese captured Melaka, they built a fortress to defend themselves. The fortress, called A'Famosa suffered severe destruction during the Dutch invasion. What's left today is just the entrance walls, still well preserved till today

St. Paul's Church

On top of St. Paul's Hill is the St. Paul's Church, once the prayer house of the Portuguese Catholics, then turned into burial ground for their noble dead by the Dutch. The tombstones have Latin and Portuguese inscriptions on them. St. Francis Xavier was buried here in 1553 before his body was moved to Goa in India.

If you want to visit Melaka, you can refer to the below,

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