Jun 23, 2008

More of Amigurumi

More of my Amigurumi crocheting spree:

1) Brown bear with a hat. It is Cambodia now accompanying the childrens of my friend, Phua.

2) Lil cupcake that I tried out. I got a thingy for cupcakes.

3) Mr Lion that I've made earlier of the month, would love to get him a Mrs Lion. Any candidate around?

4) Ms Russian doll with a heart for greening the earth. Now she is living with my "Nanny" back in Penang with lots and lots of friends.

4) One of my odd and scarry doll. It is a huge bear head with lovey eyes.

5) And lastly, Whitey as the finale for my current spree.

Do look forward to more Amigurumi works soon. If you interested in my work, please leave me a message. Thanks !!!


Aelita04 said...

Oh my godsh everything is so cute. Do you have any patterns for any of them?

Nesa said...

thanks, yeah some of my work are from books and the bear is just my random crazy idea. U can search a lot patterns online and crafster do have a list of crochet pattern posted.

Jooyee said...

this is sweet.