May 12, 2009

Earth Day at Ikano

I happened to drop by at Ikano Power Centre during the Earth Day celebration. While hunting for the organic cotton supplier for my aunt, I was amazed with the creation with all the household trash that is polluting our mother earth.

I guess that reuse and upcycling is the way to go. I am trying to cut down on buying fabrics and use up the old t's lying around and the scrap fabric i got from the streamstress. Though it's a big challenge as the fabrics are not so ideal for my work, I hope to resolve this problem by crafting based on the material and the fabric print.

Let's have a look at the exhibition in Ikano.................

I just love this bag, I guess the message the designer try to convey is to "Think before you throw away things" . If you don't like upcycling, then just recycle.

There's actually 3 upcycle items in this photo. From left: A chair made from wood pellet; a round table with Singer sewing maching pedler; and the last one I can't recall but i guess it's a resting station

Plastic Bag made from plastic bags!!! And a holder made from Milo foil.

And lastly an interesting tent by indie artist.

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