Aug 19, 2008

NPL Malacca Ep 2

NPL Malacca Ep 2 begins :

Let's skip the boring traveling part and straight to the battle field at Dataran Pahlawan. Just to let you guys know that we are representing Werdna Hol Sportz all the way from Subang Square to Malacca city centre selling paintball merchandise.

Galz and Boyz, let's get to work........

Hey wait a minute, where is Karu??? All of us is working so hard and where is he??? (actually he is the cameraman, so please forgive him not joining us in action)

Ian: Yo Yo .. Yo Yo Yo....I am the scary ghost. Let's jam this party.

Nesa: Stop pretending to the scary ghost!!! Get back to work.

Some of the display merchandise from Werdna Hol Sportz. Shirts, Mask, Tank cover, Harness, Pods and many more....................

And lastly, this is our magnificent Karu taking care of the stall. We are actually sitting next to the organizers. And a lot of pellets action in here.

To be continued..................

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