Nov 23, 2008

Snowman is in town

Ho, Ho, Ho..... Christmas and Snowman is coming to town!!!!

This is my first snowman for the year 2008. This snowman pattern was originally posted by Roxycraft. But instead of making the snowman head till 36 st, i reduce it to 30st. And i changed the traditional top hat to a party hat with a touch of green lining. As for the nose, i used a orange chenille stick and twisted and stuff into the amigurumi ball. As for the eyes, plain o button works just fine. I'm thinking of changing the light grey button back to dark grey as the right eye, as it looks a bit odd.It's simple and fun to make and hope you like my snowman too.

And this my Christmas greeting to all of you from Me, Snowman and Gabu (pattern by Roxycraft)

Do stay tune for more of my handmade snowman and christmas tree in the upcoming posts.


Eve said...

Hi Nesa,

I have found your blog through the swap-bot swap. (I hope that makes sense since I am a newbie..)

Your crochet work is very pretty and oh yes those plain o buttons work fine!! I was wondering if you have seen my friend June's website called Planetjune. She has some free patterns as well and I love her pocket-amis.

I am moving to Australia (from New Zealand) this month and have already packed up all my crochet yarn and needles :-( My hands itch when I see your blog, just lovely.

Definately will be back.


Simone said...

Well done - it looks great.

Visiting via - Love your Blog Swap.

Nesa said...

Hi, Eve and Simone, thanks for the visit and the lovely comments.

Eve: I have visited PlanetJune website. It is one of my first few amigurumi inspired blog. :) Maybe we could swap our amis?

blueberryjunkie said...

ohhh...amigurumi...once you start you, you are hooked for life. I learned to crochet just so that I could make some amigurumi of my very own. Very cute snowman. You've done a great job.

blueberryjunkie said...

I forgot to mention I am visiting your blog via "I love your blog 3" swap

Nesa said...

Blueberryjunkie: Totally agreed with you, once you hooked on amigurumi, there's none stop of crochetting and new ideas and patterns to try out.