Dec 8, 2008

Swap O Swap

New found hobby : Swapping!!!!

I found an interesting swapping place through introduction by a forum friend. Now, I am really hooked.

My first swap is a Profile Surprise which requires me to send 3 items to my partner, Destiny in the States. Instead of sending only 3 surprise I sent her 5 surprises. I really hope Destiny would like it!

Here's the goodies I sent last month, hopefully the parcel reach you soon.

A red crochet mushroom with pearly bead and crochet bracelet specially made for Destiny

A cupcake made with felt and with a face for Destiny's shop mascot

And this is the surprises (+ miniature cupcake where the pictures are not taken) that I have sent for the profile surprise swap.

I can't wait to receive my profile surprise from my other swap partner as Swap-bot swapping lands you with different swapping partner that you send to and receive from.

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