Feb 11, 2009

Last Christmas

I've been wondering when can I post my lovely handmade for Christmas. As the holidays passes by and slowly I became a lazy bump but I would love to share them, so I finally manage to find the memory card and the card reader to extract my pictures.

Well, before I sent my Kodama to my swap partner in the States, it was happily taking photos with some of the Xmas dolls that I've made. An experimental Santa and a few snowmans make a jolly Xmas. If anyone interested in adopting the crochet santa, i will be happy to give away.

Santa wouldn't be happy without Rudolph and Christmas tree! So I added 2 rudolph instead of just a plain o' one.

There's a lot of ideas of Xmas handmade posted by those wonderful crafty people has led me to my new christmas tree creation. In this felt tree, I finally started using ribbons and buttons, which usually quite hesitant to add them as it could be disaster if it doesn't match the handmade.

I added a snowflake embroidery with gold thread and a greeting " Merry Christmas" at the back of the tree.

But my favourite Christmas theme handmade would be the customized crochet snowman and gingerbread man for my friends. The requirement for the gingerbread man as follow: "custom made gingerbread man with half of his head eaten and also his leg" by Karu!

Let's have a look at the baking of gingerbread man:

With a bit of twisted mind, I almost added another droplet of blood at the broken leg.

Finally, it's well baked and ready to go! A special custom made gingerbread man.

And lastly, my first attempt on crocheting a snowman and it's a much larger size amigurumi I've ever made. As usual, my favourite tophat was added to spice up the gentleman look of the snowman and a blue polkadot felt scarf.

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Bloggette said...

I really love your snowman...it reminds me of my childhood and the little Christmas creatures my Great Grandmother would crochet. Thanks for brining up the happy memories.