Mar 2, 2009

Some new found fun !

I gotta say my love is still with felt. It is actually very easy to manipulate but it does have it's down side. But, I guess no harm in trying new things and materials.

New found love : Perler Beads

Bought these babies in Ikea kids section. All you need is the drawing, an iron, wax paper, beads and the board, you got yourself a lots of fun! I've made a Union Jack flag for my swap partner and a felt skull for her daughther in "We Luv Surprise" swap in Swap-bot. And some others like one-up mushroom, love shapies and etc.

Union Jack for Diana

Before ironing:

After ironing:

1-up Mushroom


Love shapies

This is my first one, and the heat was too much and uneven, i melted most part of the heart.

Perler beads are somewhat versatile, you can make them into coaster, frigde magnet, pendant or even earrings. Some even make into a card holder, spotted at Geek Crafts.


Yvo said...

That is so cool! I'm lefty too but seriously, that perler bead stuff seems like a lot of fun. I don't think I'd know what to do with it though - I'm so not crafty at all so everything you've made is awesome (the owl stuffies too). :)
~feistyfoodie (from swap-bot)

Nesa said...

Well perler beads is quite fun once u know how much heat to apply when ironing the beads. But i am still at beginner stage, trying out various pressure and heat too.

Anonymous said...

They carry these at Ikea?! I'm so jealous! I had a stack of them when I was a kid and had a grand old time making these guys. I'm pretty sure every member of my family got coasters for several holidays running. Very cool!

PS here from Swap-bot blog swap (username - enigmachck)

Nesa said...

Yeah they do! Well I 've never have them when I am young, just get to know them recently. It's so much fun to play with.

yyuki said...

they are very cute!you must be interested in Pixel art
Check it out, it must be very inspired!