Oct 14, 2008

New found interest

I have a new found interest : hand embroidery, thanks to the influence of Pimp Stitch, Annie Oakleaves, Flikr, and other embroidery books. Here is some of my work, some stitches are bit loose, but I have fun making them. Hope you like them too.

This design is taken from a Japanese Embroidery book.

It is called Cacat bear as the nose is suppose to be round one, and due to my bad sewing skills, it became oblong. But it is my signature, as I was screw up on the nose. :P

This cute kiddie in bear suit are inspired by the cute dolls on the net.

This is my strawberry jam made to store coins or memory sticks.

I will stitch and practice more of embroidery as I have collected a lot of nice patterns. Hope to post more here. Cheers!!!


Jenelle said...

I love your bear! You did a great job!

Nesa said...

Thanks Jenelle