Oct 15, 2008

Secretly working on Halloween goodies

I have been a naughty girl, working away on my not so secretive Halloween themed goodies. I am just dying to show it off, but gotta wait for my turn to use to the camera. Finally I have some shots on my goodies, all crocheted !!!

Let's start with Pumpkins .........................

The pattern is adapted from Plant June, she make lovely and easy to make amigurumi patterns especially this one.

I have modified the original pattern to make a huge pumpkin, Mr Big. It is very heavy, though I don't think it can break any pumpkin record, but it would serves as a paper weight and scare of some nasty insects.

I've just realize my pumpkins are happy pumpkins as their eyes show their happiness. I love Halloween!!!

My favorite amongst all my Halloween stash would be Dracula bird, made out of crochet, felt and some gold thread for the cloak. Or is it a Vampire bat, ask by my monster friend, well if you like it as a bat, why not! But it is a bird crochet pattern by Lion Brand.

The love bloodshot eyes cupcake is my first crochet creation. A Halloween would not be complete without some elements of horror in it. I have seen a lot of cupcakes with scary elements in it, so I guess I could make one too (actually two, as the big one is the improved version).

And Halloween's best candy is in town. Introducing Mr frog with sweet Candy Corn..........

Mr Frog is a witch in hiding, with a witch hat on his crown, he become Witchie Frog, a very charming frog.

That all for now folks, I have more ideas for my Halloween stash, so do stay tune for more of Halloweeen....... Muahahahahaha..................

p/s: If you interested in buying them, please drop me a message. Thanks!

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Candy said...

Nice work! I just love the art of crochet!