Dec 9, 2008


In the midst of looking for button handmade ideas, I 've come across some pretty interesting button art and photos.

Here's a hug teddy stitched with buttons from Art of Housewives :

Some great ideas from Meringue Diary using buttons as art and photography :

Great button artwork by Lisa Kokin,

Buttons and mixed media, imitation sinew, waxed linen, chicken wire
41 X 29-1/2, 2004

Most Likely to Recede

Buttons and mixed media, imitation sinew, 31 x 31, 2004

There's more of button ideas such as rings, bracelet, necklace, embroidered onto bags and lots more. Creativity rules!!!! Anything from LED lights to steampunk accessories could be a piece of great artwork. Love to see more creativity peeps.


DerekL said...

Ping! Hello from on of your Blog Love swap partners - what a fun little place you have!

Lidia ZuniReds said...

wow!!! wonderful work I like so much.